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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Session Report: 2016-12-04 by Quassii

Vroc and I met Nevus and Cathar in the town of Karlsburg. Within the Mount, the members of the party have discovered over 20 statues that at one time represented one of the various gods of the Great Church that have had their heads replaced by Vork. In order to repent to his god and restore his sacred oath, Nevus was commanded by his god to restore the proper heads to those statues. To do so, we went to the town sculpture, Vidi where Nevus to paid close to 500 gold, to have him and his apprentices to create statue heads of various sizes and material.

The new members to our coalition of adventurers really hit it off with myself. They seemed to bond instantly. Vroc was somewhat leery, just because he misses his brother that died horribly in the godforsaken Mount. After paying the gold, I showed them our Mountain Fortress of solitude. Letting them choose their own room as the other new members will be given. As a place of safety and kinship. We journeyed to the Mountain of Death renamed by Vroc and many of the families of fallen hirelings. During the trip I hunted and killed a 8 point buck and two rabbits. Ample food for a week.

We entered the Mountain tomb, and made our way throgh the maze of levels to begin the fourth level. The stairs opened to a single large room that smelt like rotten eggs. We had just eaten deer meat. So our day was not starting as we had planned. Upon entering the room we see one door and a old tapestry running across the entire back or the room. Standing around the room were six, very smelly creatures we could not identify. So we labeled them Frogmen. Nevus being the natural diplomat, and trying to regain favor with his God, tried desperately in the common tongue for a peaceful resolution. They did not seem to understand.

At that same moment, Xon a hireling of some renown, pulled out his crossbow. He held it in the air with a larger than life smile on his face. It was on. The Frogboys charged us like we were flies. With the leader casting a spear spell that never hit anyone, but was a hindrance to our movement. Nevus and I were in the front row. I knocked the crap out of a couple of them. Nevus cleaned up, killing 3 in total with his newfound magic Battle Axe. Cathar flipped and hoped around like a ninja full of zeal, killing one. Opening the way for me to kill two including the spell castor. After joking about eating some frog legs we searched the room finding nothing. So we went to the only door listening in battle formation.

Opening the door we found a series of hallways and doors. We listened at every door before passing to search the hallway. Cathar stated it was not a phobia but did not like open hallways to be attacked from. So honoring his concern we searched around them passing a few doors. We came to a odd shaped room with strange makings on the walls. Upon entering it, I and Xon felt confused standing there helpless. Vroc did not waste a second. He immediately grabbed us both dragged us down the hallway. Vroc standing almost 7 feet and weighing three hundred pounds, it was not a problem. After a few minutes we regained composure, and decided not to go back there till we had our spell castor's present.

Making a long story short, we searched several room finding secret rooms, and compartments in a few places. We found a couple treasure hiding places. There were several chest some full of silver others with gold and trinkets of various sorts. Including a coat of arms banner and gold medal of valor and other objects of the Sulian Empire. We kept them to barter with at a later date.

One of the secret treasure room we found were guarded by two rust monsters that came from behind two pillars in the large marble room. Luckily we had initiative. You have never seen the mighty Nevus and myself seem so timed to confront a ugly little beast. I pulled out my trusty bow, cast  Hunter's Mark spell and keeping my distance, I peled them with arrows galore. Nevus resorted to throwing hand axes. Xon seemed to be more brave then most. He charged and held the nasty rust devil at bay. Cathar, a monk, with few metal possessions flew past the rearguard heroes. They normally commanded the front lines with ferocity. Now Xon the henchman, and Cathar the monk held the position. They preformed flawlessly. Cathar killed his, and Xon killed the other. In the end Xon's scale armor and shield were damaged. I put Xon at ease though vowing to buy him new equipment. After the battle Xon seemed to shine with pride. Then we plundered the secret treasure room.

After a few nice loot spots we entered a large hallway. There were large double doors at each end.

We decided to go to the right side double doors. Upon me entering the threshold of the room first I teleported to another room. I was later informed that everyone except Nevus began to panic. Like a natural leader he issued commands out like a general. Physically restraining Vroc from entering the room. They gathered wood splinters from a room explored earlier. He worked on a system of throwing in the wood to see the results. After some time thinking he thought he had found a pattern. Unfortunately, he realized something was not right. He sent in everyone. We were scattered all over the map. Nevus started using chalk to mark rooms. Then I started using his chalk. We discovered five other rooms that teleported people to random rooms. Nevus found some people, handed out chalk to them. Then Nevus devised a plan for everyone to cycle through the teleportation rooms until eveyone was in the same room. Once that was done, they could as a group leave the room and explore the hallways. Then we began to map the maze in good order united.

We found a room with a jail cell. There was slimy bones in the cell. Upon seeing this Nevus looked up to see a Green Blob on the ceiling. We all drew our missile weapons and quickly killed it before it could even move. Vroc ended up throwing the last blow via a sacred flame spell. Then as we continued to find empty rooms, some with alters and statues.

We entered a room with two were-rats. Nevus and I killed them quickly unfortunately Nevus hit his with such force that its head bounced off the door. Alerting others in an adjacent hallway. Five more entered the room. We cut them down like Rats. Nevus cut down two more. Cathar killed one as did I. The last one actually pissed itself. Then ran like a bitch for help. We chased it into another room of five. Nevus came in killing two more with haste. Cathar taking another down. The other three ran again for help. Vroc had just Blessed the party moments earlier. So we chased again. One of them barely got to the next room before I did a jump spell. He ran and jumped so far he cut two off. I killed another and so did Cathar. There stood seven brave were-rats that were done running. It was to the death now. Then came Xon running into the room first. Having flashbacks of the rust monster glory from earlier. Vroc threw a buffed up level three guided bolt and took one out. Nevus entered the room like a mad man downing three more. Cathar attacking with four strikes at a time took two more down. With me taking the last ratman down. During the conflict everyone except Xon and Vrac had been bitten. Most of us were infected with Lycanthropy. Vroc the warrior cleric rested then cast lesser restoration healing us all.

After a long adventure we decided to try one more room. Going around the corner we noticed a very large room with a minotaur sitting in an iron throne surrounded by four others. Not noticing us we backed away. Low on spells i cast an acid glyph of warding at the corner of the hallway that entered into the room. Then we went to rest for our final battle before going back to town. We came back in battle formation buffed and ready. To draw them out Nevus thought to lead with a peace offering. To our surprise the King introduced himself as King Bik. Seeming rather gracious Nevus, and Cathar entered the center of the room to parlay. They exchanged pleasantries with things going very well. King Bik offered to pay us 8 gold a head for the were-rats. Sending a minion the get a chest of gold for us. The day was ending good. The minion and another minotaur returned with a chest. Then betrayal they sneak attacked Nevus wounding him. Then as they gained the upper hand, Nevus and Cathaer were about to be slaughtered. I interrupted and used a special card to let our new found allies retreat. We reformed in good order healing Nevus. Then came the hounds of war. Vicious unrelenting minotaur a fierce foe indeed. The first one had one hell of a surprise.  With the acid, and everyone wounding it, I took the first mino down. That pissed the King off. He left the room swearing. We just new he was bringing pets of some sort. Another entered the narrow hallway in front of us. We planned a perfect defense bottle necking so we only faced one at a time. We wore the second one down with Cathar taking it out with his longbow. The King came back with another minotaur carrying two huge rocks. King Bik had a barrel. All of the other mino's moved aside. Then Cathar fired and hit the barrel with his arrow. It began to spew oil. Then I fired my bow using a flame arrow. -KABOOM- the entire chamber rattled. The King caught on fire along with Rockboy receiving splash damage. The King put himself out as we laughed our asses off. We stoped laughing after the King grabbed a rock and hit me with it for large amount of damage. Then we all aimed missile weapons at the King and I ended him with a shot in the right nostril. The mino's went berserk. The first one charged with reckless intent, knocking Nevus unconscious in one blow. Vroc healed him with haste. After returning to his feet Nevus killed the mino. The last remaining two mino's were killed by myself after everyone slowly chipped away at them in a methodical fashion.

After a great victory we searched the room. Under the thrown was a minor wand of magic missiles, a scroll of knock, and charm person, thousands of silver coins with some gold.There was a Key ring with stange ruins on one and symbols on another. I paid and got King Bik's Silver Crown. The King's Skull decorates my jail war wagon along with the orc sharman whe killed Vroc's brother. We got back to town. Vroc and Xon are leveling giving everyone time to train or whatever they wish. In the end a friendship of brotherhood had emerged. The clan has grown. Nevus has showed cunning and leadership aided by his loyal bodyguard Cathar. It was an honor fighting by their side.

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