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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Session Report 2017-03-19 by Nevus

Alkanos, Cathar, Halitrax, and Nevus

Found third metal column with square indentation

Later killed 6 zombies wearing uniforms (much harder to hit than typical zombies)

Entered room with boiling vats of silvery-gray liquid. Room had cat walk 10’ above. Fumes caused:
Alkanos to become comatose
Halitrax had vision of a room with treasure but no exit.
Nevus thought Cathar was an enemy and attacked him.
Cathar unsuccessfully tried to jump up to the cat walk. Eventually Halitrax gained his senses. He and Nevus and a few rounds of grappling before eventually Nevus was no longer delusional.

Discovered sorcerer’s quarter’s with large bloodstain on floor. Found key which unlocked door to the south. Behind door was coins, gems, armor and shield. Both Nevus and Cathar felt a spiritual attack. Halitrax was going to leave but was convinced to stay for a platinum piece. He was then attacked and possessed by a spirit that wanted to know if they had encountered Euthalius. The rest of the party said no and ask who he was. “My murderer” replied Halitrax.

Halitrax proceeded to walk towards the exit, commanding the party to bring the gems. The party did and followed him. They passed two rooms both with four green statues who initially moved to attack but were halted by Halitrax’s command. One of those rooms also had a glass case with a large egg inside. Entered a room with a slick goo causing a couple members to slip and fall. Halitrax cast a spell destroying the goo.

Continuing, Halitrax went through a secret door a series of hallways to an office like room where a pale old man sat a desk. Halitrax through a fireball at the man. Nevus moved up and decapitated the man. The spirit then left Halitrax, who had no idea what had happened. Only thing of value remaining after the fireball was a wand.

During a long rest, the party identified a Wand of Ice-balls, chain mail +1, and a shield +1

Party returned to room with 4 green statues and the egg in the case. After dispatching the statues, the case caused necrotic damage, Halitrax broke it with his hammer. They scooped up the egg into their bag of holding. Each of the statues also had jet black gems for eyes which the party took. Next they cleared out the other 4 green statues and took their gem eyes.

In another room they found a flask laying on the floor. Thinking it might be alcohol, Cathar decided to take a drink and took internal damage.

Next they entered a room that was empty except for 4 bones arranged in a square. To ensure it wasn’t a trap, Cathar shot an arrow into the center of the square, but nothing happened.

From the next room they heard the frustrated roars of a minotaur. Opening the door, they discovered a minotaur that was stuck to the floor covered in black tar. Cathar easily slew it from a distance with arrows.

Next room had 8 uniformed zombies. Alkanos killed 7 with his Wand of Ice-balls. Halitrax killed the surviving one.

Next room they found a large pile of ash with a partially melted god ring on top. They took the ring.

Next room had damaged mosaics depicting alien worlds on which can be seen demonic figures dancing. On one of the walls were hooks (like coat hooks). From above they heard a droning sound which caused Halitrax(?) to become unconscious. Looking up the noise was coming from huge bug like creature which might have killed Nevus but his dramatic dodge. After being maimed the bug tried to escape but Alkanos killed with another ice-ball.

Next room also had mosaics depicting alien worlds on which can be seen demonic figures but they were marching for war. Room also had hooks but on these were 3 goggles two which had red lenses. When Nevus looked at the mosaics while wearing a pair of goggles the mosaics became animated. This granted Nevus a +1 to attack and damage in the next combat vs demons.

Next room, found on the northern wall a chalk message written in Low Sulian (Common),
which read “Run if you see it!” accompanied by a very crude sketch of a rooster-headed, snake-legged
demon aka ‘foghorn-snakehorn’.

Near the message they found a secret door, behind which was coins and a suit of adamantine chain mail.

Next room, had a alchemical distillery of a sinister design in the middle. In a red curtained alcove was a bronze statue of a demonic winged bull. Below the statue were words in a language did not understand. The party wanted to destroy the statue but Nevus wanted to find out what the text said before hand. He made a copy of the text. After returning to town they discovered the text was High Sulian for “Blood is the Key.”

Found large room with ten bodies laying in a row on the floor. In a half-circle alcove was a large statue of rooster-headed, snake-legged demon. The party wanted nothing to do with this room.

Found a room with a black silver leak, took sample.

Found a magical door that had a triangle indentation. Placing one of the caduceuses in the indentation, it glowed but nothing seemed to happen. Nevus afraid they had unleashed a demon - ‘foghorn-snakehorn’ maybe they ran back to the ‘foghorn-snakehorn’ statue room and saw no change.

Next they found room with pile of coins, while searching the room Cathar noticed the pile was moving towards Nevus. After furious battle which almost killed Nevus, the group was eventually victorious.

After long rest, in the next room they found 1600 lbs of grain and 600 gallons of beer.

Next discovered a pimpin reading room. The candles in the candelabra suddenly lit, the lilting sounds of a harp resonated softly, and the smell of roses wafted into the room once one of the party entered the room.

Finally the group went back to the door where behind it they heard howling wind. Opening the door they found a crevasse. When one of the group moved towards it, wind from above tried to push the person closer to the edge. The group left.

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